Chelsea will win both EPL + UCL

It's really nice to see Chelsea and Man Utd to be involved in the EPL title race and the final of UEFA Champions League showdown in Moscow.

In my opinion, Chelsea will win both of the honours based on the fact that Roman Abramovich's has all the financial muscles and key players to outplay the Devils in these two fronts. On top of that, Moscow is Roman's homeland. The way both of the Liverpool defenders (Riise and Hyypia) gifted two soft goals show it all.


SYAHAMIN said...

Anyway, apalah engko nih.... mai sini aku nak ajar kau buat list.... KALAULAH ANWAR IBRAHIM NAIK JADI PM ke-6, SIAPA YANG AKAN JADI TPM?

4) KHALID IBRAHIM tuh kena jugaklah ko letak.
5) LIM GUANG ENG tuh boleh jugak (orang yang undi tuh sebab ko letak calon yang cam tak logik sangat)... bolehlah...
6) HAJI HADI (Ko tak ingat ke?)
7) HUSSAM MUSA (haknih nampak juga)

Hak lain2 ko boleh cari, tapi, kalau ko nak buat post undi, cari calon yang logik skett...

sori, tersilap post comment... harap ada pembetulan.

m_lokman said...

Chelsea have a good bunch of players..bought with the riches of its Russian oil tycoon..They have a solid defence - marshalled by JT, a great striker in Didier Drogba and two midfield generals in Ballack and Lampard. Most of their players earn over 100,000 pounds per week. Hence, it is only logical for them to be crowned Europe's finest team this season.

Alas! Football is not quite a logical game. And success on the pitch cannot be simply bought with Roubles and Pound Sterling. At times, teamwork is more important than talent.

Against The Devils in the BPL last week, Ballack and Drogba were almost involved in a fight at Stamford Bridge when both wanted to take a free kick. Essien was utterly disgusted with their behavior and Terry did nothing to ease the tension. Luckily they got a 'dubious' penalty kick in the 84th minute which the German captain converted.

In Moscow, they will again crumble under pressure. The Devils will win because they are a better team, not better individuals.