Old newspaper !!

Old newspaper”, “Suratkhabar lama”, “Siew Ku Poh Chua” are the common lyrics that can be heard in housing area especially during weekends.

Malaysian has developed a good habit of recycling old news papers by either selling it to a 3rd party vendor or through donation to charity organization. This noble awareness should be proliferated to other recyclable products such as aluminum can, plastic ware, and misc. paper based products such as brochure, postal mail, envelope, receipts, boxes, etc. which can be slotted into the old news paper and recycle at the same time. It’s as easy as turning your palm, right ?

With this concerted effort, the world will become a better living place. Let’s tell our friends and family to do it together. Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit ..

Dato Nazir Razak - CIMB Group CEO

CIMB Group CEO Dato Nazir Razak : “My worry is that when the government is trying so hard to help the Bumiputeras, it may hamper and undermine their future and achievements. When you give them contracts and money easily, you are actually undermining the spirit of entrepreneurship.”

Rising prices and eating out

With the rise of commodity prices such as steel, gold, fuel, soy bean, palm oil, and lately rice (paddy), the cost of living has choked up many Asian household. Lots of families need to pay extra dollars and cents in order to maintain the same living standard as in 2006/2007. Those who can’t afford to pay more have to sacrifice their quality of life. As such, the gap between the rich and the poor is going to grow even wider.

For people who are eating out at hawker center, food stall, restaurant, and etc, they need to realize that the quality of food prepared could be deteriorated with the use of lower grade ingredients to counter rising material costs. We as consumer should always try to find out the ingredients used by food sellers such as soy sauce, oyster sauce, chili and tomato sauces, etc. in order to avoid our health being impacted by inferior food.

Consumer association together with the Healthy Ministry should proactively inspect all consumer goods on regular basis. The majority of illnesses in Malaysia are caused by poor eating habit and also poor quality of food. Millions of medical bills can be saved if all the relevant authorities take preventive measures in advance. Prevention is always better than cure. Rather than keep building hospitals and clinics, why not spend some money on dietary education and food inspection. In addition, an entity should be set up to play the similar role as the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in Malaysia.

Keris & Hishammudin

Ketua Pemuda UMNO, Dato Sri Hishammudin Tun Hussein meminta maaf atas kelakuannya menghunus keris semasa persidangan pemuda UMNO selama 3 tahun berturut-turut. Adakah beliau sanggup meminta maaf sekiranya BN kekal berkuasa di kesemua negeri-negeri Malaysia serta mengekalkan majoriti 2/3 di Parlimen ? Nampaknya ini merupakan soalan yang amat menarik bagi kita sama-sama renung-renungi.

Adakah kelakuan seseorang pemimpin yang menghunus keris dapat menutupi soal kebangsaan seperti rasuah dan pelbagai bentuk discriminasi yang lain. Keris hanyalah lambang orang Melayu, dan Yang Dipertuan Agong hanya mencium keris dan bukannya menghunus keris di majlis-majlis kebesaran. Apakah motif Hishammudin menghunus keris dengan megah di depan perwakilan Pemuda UMNO, untuk meneruskan inspirasi masa depan politiknya ?

Zaman sekarang adalah era globalisasi, perbuatan menghunus keris bukanlah sesuatu yang bijak, malah ia boleh dilihat sebagai perbuatan primitif yang tidak praktikal. Bolehkan taraf kehidupan orang Melayu dinaikkan dengan serta-merta dengan terhunusnya keris ? Dapatkan daya saing Malaysia di peringkat antarabangsa diperkuatkan dengan tertonjolnnya keris di tv-tv nasional ? Perbuatan simbolik yang tidak pandai harus dielakkan dan digantikan dengan langkah-langkah yang berkesan untuk membangunkan Negara ini agar taraf hidup rakyat secara keseluruhannya dapat dinaikkan tahun demi tahun.

Politik ekstrem and budaya memperkecilkan golongan minority patut dipupuskan dengan serta-merta demi kemajuan Negara. Jangan memperalatkan keris lagi.

Dragon Boat

6th Club Crew World Championships

Date : July/ August 2008
Venue : Teluk Bahang Dam

Tyre & Car Care

1) Double Star Tyre & Car Care Center

Location : Tingkat Kenari, Desaria, Sg Ara, Penang.
Contact number : 6012-421 7265, 6012-482 2125

What's special ?
- Less crowded
- Personalized service
- Cooler environment

PC and Accessories


Location : Butterworth, Ipoh, Kota Baru, Penang island, Sg Petani
Contact number : 604-390 8816

Why special ?
- Reasonable pricing
- Nice service

Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea

The Champions League semi-final match between these two modern era rivals was full of drama. The 1st leg ended with 1-1.

The Reds seemed to be in the driving seat in reaching the final in Moscow, but somehow thunder strike at the last 30 seconds of added time. John Arne Riise who substituted Fabio Aurelio looked really out of shape from the moment he came on. I can only remember two special occasions when he was on the field. The first one being the long range speculative tame shot, and the second one was the own goal itself.

Why can’t Riise use his leg instead of head to clear the ball ? It looked very fishy here. Is he helping Roman’s army en route to Moscow ? Is Roman trying to pull all his resources just to make sure his team appear in the Moscow stadium ? Perhaps only God can help to put Liverpool back into the final as the Blues is gaining a slight advantage with the return leg looming at Stamford Bridge. Hope that justice will prevail.

Facial Wash

1. Herbalife facial cleanser
Details : NouriFusion MultiVitamin cleanser
Comment : It worths every penny that you spend


1. Kinokuniya
Location : Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur
Comment : It's like a personalized bookstore in your cosy living hall.


1. MacBook Air
Comment : A breakthrough design, revelation of 2008 !

Char Koay Teow

1. Restoran Lasia
Location : Jln Air Itam, just beside the Air Itam roundabout.
Ranking : Strongly Recommended

2. Sisters Char Koay Teow, Kedai Kopi Lam Heng
Location : 185, Macalister Road (same row as Parti Gerakan HQ)
Ranking : Recommended


1. Rahim Burger
Location : Penang Road, Opposite Komtar / Opposite Firefly office.

2. Tari Cafe
Location : Tanjong Tokong, 300m after Island Plaza


The real equation now is between UMNO vs (PAS + PKR). In order to win over the heart of Malaysian in general, and the Malays in specific, they need to engage in "battles" and "wars".

DAP, MCA, Gerakan, and MIC are not part of the equation simply because DAP has defeated MCA, Gerakan, and MIC with almost complete knock-out, except in UMNO stronghold states like Johor and Pahang.

In the coming election, it would be a do or die battle for UMNO, otherwise PKR + PAS will surely take over the federal government, together with DAP.

Mat Rempit

In order for Malaysia to achieve continued social-economic growth, our schools should produce quality students who have the relevant knowledge and intelligence to propel this nation further.

If all of our younger generation is equipped with the necessary skills to participate in nation building, then Mat Rempit won’t exist in the long run. Instead of involve in illegal racing and other unhealthy activities, the youth can participate in activities which can bring gold medal for the country from Asian Game or Olympic game. They can also concentrate their effort to set up businesses, and raising their living standard as the result.

In short, Mat Rempit can be evolved into Mat Olympic and Mat Economic. Hope that the day will arrive soon, only then we can catch up with Singapore, Korea, UAE, and many others.

A message to BN

Dalam usaha memperjuangkan nasib bumiputera,
Nasib non-bumiputera mesti juga dijaga.
Dengan kerjasama sesama kita,
Barulah dapat bersaing dengan masyarakat antarabangsa.

Pulihlah badan kehakiman, BPR, dan SPR dengan segera,
Barulah nama baik Malaysia dapat dibaiki semula.
Jikalau langkah diambil terlewat seketika,
Anwar Ibrahim bakal berpindah ke Seri Perdana !

Mesej ikhlas dari Anak Penang, Anak Asia

Shark Fin Soup

Shark fin soup is a Cantonese delicacy served as a symbol of prosperity and social status.

However, the process of harvesting shark fin shows zero humanity. The process is commonly known as finning, whereby fins are cut from living sharks and then the sharks are thrown back into the sea as shark meat has little market value. These finless sharks being unable to manoeuvre in the sea, either die from suffocation or attacked by other sea creatures.

New generation Chinese should phase out the consumption of shark fin soup in wedding dinner and other functions. This bold move is necessary as it’s a critical step to safeguard the population of sharks from extinction and to stop the brutality of the finning process.

Fried Banana Cake

Location : Opposite Heng Ee High School
Hamilton Road, Penang.
Contact number : 604-283 4003

Rating : Recommended

Nasi Lemak

1. Sri Weld Food Court
Location : Lebuh Pantai, Penang
Specialty : Cheap and good

2. Mutiara Selesa Food House
Location : Indirect opposite of Lam Hua Ee Hospital,
Green Land, Penang.

Chee Cheong Fun

Location : Genting Cafe, Island Glades, Penang.
Contact number : 604-829 5376

Bak Kut Teh

Food Master Bak Kut Teh
Location : Sri Rambai, Bukit Mertajam, Penang.
Specialty : The Bak Kut Teh itself :)

Rating : Strongly recommended

Koay Teow Soup

1. Restoran Lin
Location : Tmn Aman Jaya, Jalan Raja Uda,
Butterworth, Penang.
Contact number : 604-333 0216

2. Restoran May Fong
Location : Jln Kg Benggali, Butterworth, Penang.
Contact number : 604-331 4109

Asam Laksa

1. Kek Seng Cafe

Location : 284 & 382, Penang Road
Contact number : 604-226 1446

2. Sin Hwa coffee shop

Location : 329, Jalan Burmah (opposite Pulau Tikus police station)

3. Lam Kong coffee shop

Location : 67, Main Road, Balik Pulau (opposite the Balik Pulau old market)

Hokkien Mee & Loh Mee

1. "Green House", Jln Burma

Specialty : Loh Mee with Hokkien Mee soup

2. Kedai Kopi Super Cafe

Location : 3, Rangoon Road (behind the old Super Lai Lai building, on the right hand side before reaching Penang Plaza)

3. Joo Huat Restaurant

Location : 336-I-G, Perak Road (near Sunshine Jelutong)

Young Coconut Juice

Location : The junction of Jln Abu Siti & Jln Burma
Specialty : Young Pandan Coconut
Experience : Enjoying the juice with a straw while standing by the roadside.

Rating : Recommended


Zhi Wei Yuan (紫薇園魚頭火炭爐)
Raja Uda, Perai, Penang

Quality of food : ****
Comfort : ***
Cleanliness : ***
Pricing : *****
Specialthy : Special soup with secret recipe. Yam, milk, chicken and fish stocks are being used to prepare the soup base. Furthermore, the steamboat is run by charcoal instead of electronic stove.

The ranking is based on personal evaluation by APAA.
Lowest ranking *
Highest ranking ***** *


Klinik Pergigian Yong (recommended)

Location :
a) Taman Inderawasih, Perai, Penang
b) Bayan Baru, Penang

Contact number :
a) 604-399 2637
b) 604-643 2637

Welding & Knocking

Chiew Auto Repair (recommended)

Location : Sungai Tiram, Bayan Lepas, Penang
Contact number : 6016-456 0618

Cityview / Hillview Dining

Here are the best spots for citiview / hillview dining in Penang :

1) The View, Equatorial Hotel
Location : Bukit Jambul, Penang
Contact number : 604-643 8111

Views of Penang Bridge, Pulau Jerejak, and the township of Bayan Baru.

2) Bukit Genting Hill
Leisure Park & Restaurant

Location : Bukit Genting, Balik Pulau, Penang
Contact number : 604-827 9801

Views of the southern coastal line of Penang island, with cooling temperature. A perfect spot for its sunset.

3) Revolving Restaurant, Bayview Hotel
Location : Georgetown, Penang
Contact number : 604-263 3161

Views of the historic Georgetown, together with the northern coastal line of Penang island.

4) David Brown's Restaurant & Tea Terraces
Location : Penang Hill
Contact number : 604-828 8337

Views from the Penang Hill, outlooking Georgetown and the mainland of Prai.



Location :
1) Gurney Tower, Persiaran Gurney, Penang
2) Autocity, Juru, Penang
3) E-Gate, Gelugor, Penang

Quality of food : ****
Comfort : ***
Cleanliness : ****
Pricing : ****
Specialthy : Custom made sandwishes

Contact number : 604-656 1711

The ranking is based on personal evaluation by APAA.
Lowest ranking *
Highest ranking ***** *

Chicken Rice

1. Beng Huat Asam Fish Chicken Rice

This outlet is located at Chai Leng Park, Seberang Perai, Penang.

Quality of food : ****
Comfort : ***
Cleanliness : ***
Pricing : *****
Specialthy : It's asam fish

Contact number : 604-398 3127

2. Thew Chik Cafe

This outlet is located in the middle of Chulia Street, Penang.

Quality of food : ****
Comfort : ***
Cleanliness : ****
Pricing : ****
Specialthy : It's Hainan style chicken rice

Contact number : 604-261 8650

The ranking is based on personal evaluation by APAA.
Lowest ranking *
Highest ranking ***** *

Japanese food

1) Kirishima Japanese Restaurant
Cititel, Penang.

This outlet is located inside Cititel, at Upper Penang Road.

Quality of food : *****
Comfort : *****
Cleanliness : *****
Pricing : ****
Specialty : Green Tea ice-cream, and its overall a la carte

Contact number : 604-370 0108

I-Avenue, beside Bayan Baru roundabout

Quality of food : ****
Comfort : ****
Cleanliness : ****
Pricing : ****
Specialty : Its Ramen

The ranking is based on personal evaluation by APAA.
Lowest ranking *
Highest ranking ***** *

Nasi Kandar

1) Nasi Kandar Makbul
This nasi kandar outlet is situated along Jalan Tengah (Bayan Baru, Penang), share the same row as RHB and EON Bank.

Quality of food : ***
Comfort : ****
Cleanliness : ****
Pricing : ***
Specialthy : Ayam Kampung

2) Nasi Kandar Pelita
Location : Chai Leng Park, Perai, Penang.
This nasi kandar outlet is the 1st outlet of Pelita chain.

Quality of food : ****
Comfort : ***
Cleanliness : ***
Pricing : ***
Specialthy : Original Pelita nasi kandar

The ranking is based on personal evaluation by APAA.
Lowest ranking *
Highest ranking ***** *

The Roles of Antioxidant

Antioxidant plays a significant role in reducing the risk of cancer and heart diseases.
Selenium, Beta-Carotene, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E are all rich in antioxidant.

Garlic, seeds, poultry, whole grains

Carrots, apricots, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, pumpkins

Vitamin C
Citrus fruits and juices, spinach, berries, potatoes, cabbage, mangoes, papayas

Vitamin E
Peanut butter, nuts, margarine, vegetable oils, avocado

Chelsea or Man Utd ?

The fight for the EPL title is reaching its climax. There are only two horses racing towards the finishing line, the Blues and the Devils.

Below are the remaining fixtures for both team :

Chelsea :
Chelsea vs Wigan
Everton vs Chelsea
Chelsea vs Man Utd
Newcastle vs Chelsea
Chelsea vs Bolton

Analysis -- 4 tough games, 1 easy game

Man Utd :
Man Utd vs Arsenal
Blackburn vs Man Utd
Chelsea vs Man Utd
Man Utd vs West Ham
Wigan vs Man Utd

Analysis -- 2 tough games, 1 moderate game, 2 easy games

If based on the fixture alone, Man Utd will be the Champion without any doubt.
But the eventual winner would be the Blues with the support of 70/30 theory which is more powerful than the face value of the fixtures.

No matter whether you are agree with my verdict, all the questions will be answered on May 11.
Be patience and just enjoy the game.

Anak Penang, Anak Asia

Top movies in April

A) Definitely, Maybe (English)
B) Escape From Huang Shi (English -- starring Chow Yun Fat, Michelle Yeoh)
C) The Kite Runner (English)
D) Iron Man
E) Street Kings (English -- starring Keanu Reeves)
F) Three Kingdoms : Resurrection Of The Dragon (Mandarin -- starring Andy Lau, Sammo Hung, Maggie Q)

The movies are selected based on personal evaluation by APAA

Big Thanks to Pak Lah !!

I wish to express my highest gratitude to our Malaysian Prime Minister Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for calling the 12th General Election on 8 March 2008.

The election has brought me to ceramahs organized by BN, PKR, DAP, and PAS, and also websites such as Malaysiakini, Malaysia-today, and Merdeka Review. This whole event leads me to set up my very first blog on 10 April 2008.

The objectives of my blog among others are :
1) To provide alternate views to Malaysian public, and to get feedback and ideas.
2) To deliver extra info on politics, sports & recreation, commercial updates, etc.
3) To link Malaysia to the world in the spirit of globalization.

Thanks again Pak Lah !

Anak Penang, Anak Asia

Top 3 Shopping Mall in Penang

Top 3 Shopping Mall in Penang, Malaysia :
1) Queensbay Mall (Bayan Lepas)
2) Gurney Plaza (Gurney Drive)
3) Sunway Carnival Mall (Seberang Jaya)

The above shortlisted standing is based on personal evaluation by APAA.

MCA slams PAS Islamic state plan

"(NST) KUALA LUMPUR: The MCA has condemned the plan by Pas to turn Malaysia into an Islamic state that practices Hudud law. "

The top priority for the MCA President is to reform and revamp his party to become relevant to the Malaysian Chinese. He should never try to hide behind PAS in order to get back the support from his own community.

MCA lost heavily in the last general election. It won merely 15 Parliamentary seats out of 40 seats contested. Most of the 15 seats won are depended on Malay voters in hardcore UMNO states like Johor and Pahang. What a shame to MCA which from time to time claims to represent Malaysian Chinese.

I want to ask Dato Seri OKT what's wrong with an Islamic state if it can promise equality for all races in Malaysia, apply Hudud law to the Muslim and Civil law to the non-Muslim, run the country in a transparent and efficient manners, promote healthy and competitive business environment, reward its citizen based on merit instead of skin colors, giving free education till tertiary level, respect other religions instead of demolishing temple, follow the footstep of Dubai in developing a robust economy, and many others ...

Dato Seri Ong, ini zaman moden zaman globalisasi, kata-kata kamu boleh kaburi mata orang-orang di new village, tapi jangan sekali-sekala memandang rendah intelek warga muda and warga kota. Tegurlah kawan-kawan kamu di dalam umno mahupun mic agar turunkan pemimpin yang korup dan angkat pemimpin yang berwibawa berjiwa rakyat.

Masa kian suntuk bagimu, u kena bertungkus-lumus buat kerja overtime. Sekiranya BN ubah sup tapi tak ubah ubat, rakyat akan tidak teragak-agak untuk ranapkan BN dan tauliahkah PR di PRU yang akan datang.

Fikir-fikirlah ...

Anak Penang,
Anak Asia

Petronas & Petroleum in Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful and exotic tropical country gifted with petroleum and natural gas reserves, especially in Terengganu, Sarawak, and Sabah. The hike of oil prices in the international market should bring cheers and joys to the Malaysian public. Ironically, it's not.

The general Malaysian public sees the price hike as a potential force to create another hole in their pocket. They pray hard so that the price hike can be halted and their living standard can be brought back to normal. To many, seems like the gravity is losing its control on the world most sought after commodity. Perhaps Isaac Newton should rewrite his theory.

At this moment, the average Malaysian really dig deep into their pocket in order to raise a family. Many have delayed their plan to get a new baby or to get marry. Prices for essential goods have increased a number of times even though the inflation rate published by the central bank of Malaysia shows only a single digit %, sometimes 3%, sometimes 4%, etc. Not sure whether those who calculated the CPI have ever visited a wet market or kedai runcit ?

As an oil producing country, any increse in oil price means extra income. It's a windfall gain !! The benefits of this gain should be pass down to the public, especially to the middle and lower income groups. Oil subsidy should not be a topic. Why subsidize if you can produce banana in your own backyard ? You can sell the banana to the locals at $1.10 per kg, and sell to the rest of the world at RM5 per kg. Either at RM1.10 per kg or RM5 per kg, you stand to make a profit as the cost of production won't have much variation.

A simple solution to the inflation pressure in Malaysia is to bring down the fuel price back to RM1.10 per litre level. With this measure, it will create a chain effect thru reduced production cost and transportation cost and ultimately the cost of goods sold in Malaysia.

I hope that the PM of Malaysia can appoint me as his layman think tank and I will deliver the cheers and joys back to the Malaysian.

Anak Penang, Anak Asia

2008 Champions League - Moscow

3 English teams and 1 Spanish team have booked their place in 2007/2008 UEFA Champions League semi-final. Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd, and Barcelona are going to create sensational excitement in this year competition. The dominance of English Premier League teams (EPL) becomes so apparent a few years back despite the failure of English national team to qualify for the European championship to be held in Austria and Switzerland this summer.

The emergence of English elite club like Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Man Utd is closely linked to a continent called Asia. Foreign ownership controls most of these elite club. Tonnes of money are being poured in while players salaries are being inflated out of our imagination. Investors from the US, Russia, and possibly the Arabs have one aim in mind : to tap the vast market in the Far East, especially China, India, Korea, Japan, and South East Asia.

Revenue is expected to grow exponentially in the form of TV broadcasting rights, sales of jersey and other merchandises. However, some clubs are bought out of personal ego. There are billionaires who buy football club just to show the world how wealthy they are. A football club to the rich is like a plate of half filled rice to the poor.

Why Asian likes EPL, but not so much on Bundesliga, La-Liga or Serie A ? In my opinion, major credit should go to the English Imperialism in the past. UK colonized a huge number of Asian countries, and English becomes the lingual fraca after years of colonization. Asian viewers feel comfortable with English players and English commentator, and as such EPL flourishes. Second credit is down to the schedule of EPL matches. Most of the games are shown live in prime time tv show especially in the Hong Kong time zone. Asian ladies and women are widely being marginalized on Sat evening as their other half are being glued and lured to the TV set. Kudos to the bright people in the English FA.

Back to UEFA Champions League. This season final will be staged in Moscow, the homeland of Roman Abramovich. Based on my very own calculated prediction, there will be only two sets of finalists : either (1) Barcelona vs Chelsea or (2) Liverpool vs Man Utd.

(1) Barcelona vs Chelsea
There are rumours saying that the owner of Chelsea has already booked a luxury hotel in Moscow and make downpayment for some of the finest champagne to be shipped to the former Soviet capital. As such, the so called fixed quarter final draw might be spread to the final. Insiders claimed that during the quarter final draw, the fixture has been fixed and there were websites publishing the fixture prior to the actual draw. Their argument is that high-tech balls were being used whereby heat are being released to warm up a particular ball, and that ball will be pick by the person in charge. Is this a conspiracy theory ? I have no idea, only God knows. The other reason that I choose Barcelona vs Chelsea is that in order to be the real champion, Chelsea can't afford to have Man Utd in the final. Otherwise the eventual winner is just an "English" champion, not qualify to represent Europe or the World. 3rd factor : Both of their away jersey are in fluorescent color, for the sake of apple to apple competition.
The ultimate winner : Barca

(2) Liverpool vs Man Utd
The master tactician Rafa Benitez is going to outshine Stamford Bridge for the 3rd time running. Christiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney are too HOT to handle. Another element is that both of their home jersey are in red and the color matches the national flag of Russia.
Ultimate winner : Liverpool
Why Liverpool ? Big ship tends to hit an iceberg :)

Enjoy your time all the way to Moscow, and then continue the chronology in Austria and Switzerland.

Happy footballing.

Anak Penang, Anak Asia

Is MCA still relevant ?

This question keeps circulating around my mind and soul after the 12th general election : Is MCA still relevant to the Malaysian Chinese ?

MCA which claims to represent Malaysian Chinese is losing many of its battlefields in the last general election. It won 38% of the parliamentary seats and 34% of the states seats contested. For many primary school student, these two "RED" scores means "makan rotan" when they present their scorecard to their parents.

Without any doubt, the leaders from MCA are doing something for the community. But are they doing something relevant ? From an observer point of view, the so called wakil rakyat are doing tasks which are supposed to be handled by the local council or government agency e.g. inspecting drainage system and installing lamp post. To me, they are putting too much effort into these trivial matters, while at the same time, ignoring the importance of playing an active role in formulating constructive national policies and facilitate its implementation.

With its current form of existence, MCA is just making up the number in Barisan Nasional. Some people say that the role of MCA in BN is merely a political "beggar", rather than a respected and dynamic political partner. They bow to big brother UMNO who likes to wave keris during their annual meetings.

In order to continue its political survival, MCA should be revamped by getting feedback from grassroots Chinese, old and young, rich and poor, rural and urban. The mission ahead is to correct whatever national policies which are corrupted, outdated, and biased for the sake of this beautiful country. Racial mentality must be eliminated in order to promote competitiveness arising from globalization. Don't spend stupid time arguing on how to cut the economic pie, expand and enlarge the pie instead. Dubai is an good example whereby oil money is being used to build a robust economy. Bright people are being attracted to participate in the national building of UAE.

To Ong Ka Ting, the president of MCA : Pls don't build an "Ong" dynasty in MCA as the party is not a Ong Sdn Bhd. A person without charisma and passion to the rakyat should never lead a political party.

To other leadership in MCA : You can lose many battles, but never lose a war. Otherwise, you will be totally wiped out in the next tidal wave, and be the 1st political dinosaur in Malaysia, to be kept in Muzium Melaka.

Anak Penang, Anak Asia