Dr Chua for minister ?

Will the new president of MCA Dato Seri Ong Tee Keat recommend Dato Seri Chua Soi Lek to be made a minister ?

My prediction : Nope

Korean Food

I went to this Korean restaurant in PJ (Malaysia) and found a unique devise used to absorb cooking heat.

It is being pull down all the way from the ceiling up to right in the middle of the stove.

Good food with clean utensil plus some onions ..

Some roadside hot and sour Korean snacks near Busan (Korea), with its open air heat absorber.

These snacks look like BIG sized Penang Lok-Lok, everything being magnified, especially the holding stick.

Korean food resembles Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic delicacies.

Last but not least, this snack here resembles a Malay delicacy, but it's prepared with aluminium foil and a microwave oven.

About Asia -- Asia Future Shock

I had finished reading this book by Michael Backman on the current landscape of and future outlook for Asia.

The countries that he touches are :
1) China
2) Japan
3) Korea
4) India
5) Vietnam

6) Burma
7) Indonesia
8) Malaysia
9) Singapore
10) General countries in Asia

Some complements on this wonderful book.

I paid RM9.99 for each of the country covered, not too bad huhh ..

With the insight and extra understanding that i gained from this book, it will definitely assist me in my future decision making process, be it personal or for strategic purposes (:

In support of Obama

sonofpenang is supporting Barack Obama for the Presidency of the United States of America *

My prediction : Senator Barack will win convincingly (:

8th Anniversary

Slimming Sanctuary is celebrating its 8th Anniversary. Apart from attractive discounts, its customers also stand a chance to win RM 500k worth of cash prizes and holiday trips.

I wish I am a girl right now, for me to be eligible for this contest.

It's a win-win for you gals ... Apart from RM 500k, you are also able to marry a guy who possesses the 5Cs with your slimmer bodyline.

Not sure whether bikinis are part of the giveaway prizes ??

Trips to Hawaii, Maldives, Bali, and Koh Samui to be won ... places whereby bikini can be worn.

Flood Protection

Halo ...

Wanna protect your vehicle against flood ?

Right now, you can do it thru AIA.

The premium is merely 0.5% of the sum insured, reasonable huhh ?

Durable Protection

Globalization brings frequent human interactions, and also diseases.

In order to prolong your own life, or the life of your partner or anybody related to you, pls encourage them to use a "rubber" whenever necessary. In fact, it's absolutely necessary.

This "rubber" brand provides extra safety measures for extra reassurance.

It also comes with coloured, flavoured, ribbed, and dotted varieties.

Extra Safe in a closer look
From the back :

Top of the table

Animals in Boston

Some piggies with two pumpkies, on the street at Boston.

Some doggies

Some real doggies

Donald's juniors in a park

Decorative materials for a paddy / corn field

Zorro the ancient hero

Riding with pride inside a park

Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali and happy holidays (:
from sonofpenang :)

Busan layout

Busan is situated in the south-eastern coast of South Korea, overseeing Fukuoka and Nagasaki of Japan.

Its geography layout is quite identical to both Penang island and Hong Kong island.

Highrise mixed with lowrise buildings.

Port + waterway

This hill in Busan is like Penang Hill to Penang or The Peak to Hong Kong.

GPS & Crabs + Thai Massage

I went to Bandar Puteri in Puchong for some crabs using this GPS device. All you need to do is to key in "Bandar Puteri" and it will show you the way.

GPS on the Federal Highway ....... This device is able to direct you with its multi-lingual functionality, be it English, BM, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, Hakka, Hainan, or Fuchow. "Turn right in 700m", "Keep to your left until reaching a junction ...", "Public toilet is 500m on your left", etc.

Bandar Puteri from the sky

I reached this outlet courtesy of GPS. The outlet is called Tak Fok and selling multiple crabs dishes at reasonable price.

Thai Amani above Tak Fok ... maybe you can have a round of Thai traditional massage to raise your appetite before conquering the crabs.

Thai massage is characterized by twisting and bending of body parts, which i like very much. You can also ask for a "dessert" towards the end of a massage session.

Specialty Tak Fok tofu

Crabs cooked with salty egg york.

Side view

There are also Crabs cooked with Cheese, Marmite, and many others which i can't recall at this point of time. In short, they're cheap and good.