是日日变新还是我少见多怪 ??

Chelsea vs Malaysia


现今马来西亚政治局势,好看过香港连续剧, 也远远超越韩剧.


Keane #7


UNESCO - World Heritage

UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
World Heritage List

The World Heritage List includes 878 properties forming part of the cultural and natural heritage which the World Heritage Committee considers as having outstanding universal value.

These include 679 cultural, 174 natural, and 25 mixed properties in 145 States Parties.

States Parties are countries which have adhered to the World Heritage Convention.

Africa --> 76 sites
Arab States --> 65 sites
Asia Pacific --> 182 sites
Europe and North America --> 435 sites
Latin America and the Caribbean --> 120 sites
Total-----> 878 sites


"Zhor Zhor Fei Gao Gao"

by HTY



马华青年 (MCA Youth)




双喜 - July 26

On July 26 (Sat), I have been elected as the youth division treasurer and as a Penang central delegate to the upcoming general assembly in KL.

On top of this, I was gifted with a lovely niece as my sister-in-law gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in the morning (:

Why buy Dell ?

We as Malaysian should always consider buying a Dell product as it has the soul of "Made in Malaysia", by Malaysian.

Its plant in Bukit Minyak employs Malaysian operators, engineers, supply chain and logistics specialists ; while the plant in Bayan Lepas has staffs ranging from Sales, IT, Technical Support, Finance, and others.

I don’t think Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, Fujitsu, and others have any plant in Malaysia creating jobs for Malaysian and at the same time supporting thousands of families.

Malaysian Chinese

“Chinese-school-educated” Malaysian Chinese :

A) Good in mathematics and logic thinking.
B) Possess entrepreneur skills.
C) A risk taker.
D) Might bend rules and ride on regulations.
E) Relatively not strong in English language in terms of expression and communication.

F) Mind is not 100% ready to accept new things / innocative concepts from the outside world, a bit conservative.
G) Quite addictive to gambling.
H) Tends to be a MCA member.
I) Tends to be a Buddhist.
J) Like to travel to the Far East, i.e. China, HK, Taiwan, Japan, Korea.

“English-school-educated” Malaysian Chinese :
A) More open minded.
B) Faster rise in MNCs from the US and Europe.
C) Better work-life balance.
D) More health conscious.
E) Follow rules and regulations.

F) Weak in Mandarin.
G) Losing their root as a Chinese.
H) Tends to be a DAP member.
I) Tends to be a Christian.
J) Like to travel to ANZ, Europe, and America.






"如果见到蛇及印度人,应该先打印度人" 哈米达, 巫统霹雳州州议员

Langkawi vs Bali Phuket

Things that Langkawi must do in order to catch up with Bali and Phuket :

1) To engage international top consulting firm to provide periodic ideas and constructive feedback.

2) To immediately improve the cleanliness of the island; modern garbage management system must be implemented as soonest possible and local council must continuously inspecting every single corner of the island everyday.

3) To stop constructing modern contemporary structures on the island, traditional architecture design must be adopted in all future buildings, from warongs, shophouses, to 5-star resorts.

4) To systematically replace all aging ferries from Penang, Kuala Kedah, and Kuala Perlis.

5) Build more resorts on the sea, I mean on the sea ..

6) To expand the island hopping coverage, not just limit to a few islands.

7) Construct a few casinos on some of the islands.

8) Promote all types of massages on the island i.e. Thai, Balinese, Chinese, Turkish etc.

9) Have beer party on Jan & Jul, wine party on Feb & Aug, vodka festival on Mar & Sep, whisky festival on Apr & Oct, brandy bonanza on May & Nov, & cocktail/shooter fiesta on Jun & Dec.

10) Have beach styled musical festival every 3 months, borrowing the concept from rainforest musical festival.

11) Organize jet ski, powerboat, dragon boat competitions every 6 months.

12) Organize gathering for bloggers on anuual basis (:

Chelsea FC vs Malaysia Selection

Date : 29 July 2008, Tue
Time : 8.45pm
Venue : Shah Alam Stadium

Torres : Reds Duo Inspire Me

Paul Hassall 05 July 2008

Fernando Torres has revealed that the inspirational presence of both Rafael Benitez and Steven Gerrard were key factors behind his sensational goalscoring exploits for Liverpool last season.

The Reds striker netted 33 goals in all-competitions to finish with the best ever tally in a debut campaign for a foreign player and he believes his impressive tally is all down to the driving force and encouraging words of his manager.

"There are days when you think: 'My God, this guy [Benitez] doesn't let you breathe'," said Torres.

"At times like that, you don't realise that all he wants is for you to improve.

"When you are in a team where things are going mostly well, players tend to relax. But you must always push yourself. Never become complacent; you try to do your best every single day.

"At a club like Liverpool, you can't sit back after scoring 20-odd goals and say: 'Well, that's it.' After you score 20, Benitez is at you during the next training session and stays on top of you all day, all week.

"He tells you to go off on your own and do new exercises. I want to progress in life, not relax, not be complacent, and you need someone close to you telling you to keep at it. It is impossible to do it otherwise. We don't always fancy someone that close but, in the long term, I am sure that everybody will thank him for it."

The Spain international striker also had words of praise for club skipper Steven Gerrard, whose conduct on and off the pitch has served as a perfect example to a player who has now risen to the same high profile heights as the Reds number eight.

"I really admire Steven," he continued.

"I know the pressure he is under every day, everybody talking about him all day long. In the changing-room, in the pubs, in the stadium. I've heard people say he should be stronger, have a stronger personality.

"I know by experience how difficult it is to deal with that because Liverpool is a huge club. And he's at another level, of course.

"People look at you from a distance and challenge you with their eyes. All that happens to Steve every day and he copes with it, everything that is expected of him all the time. He's always under tremendous pressure to perform and everyone looks to him to show leadership, to lift the team.

"He's a great example, and those of us who have been in a similar situation know how difficult it is to handle. It's incredible the way he carries himself regardless of what is going on around him. I'd love to be captain of another team one day and Steve has shown me how to be a great leader."

While Torres has enjoyed a series of highs over the past 12 months, he admits there have also been occasions in the past that he has endured the lows.

In these times of frustration he has been grateful to his girlfriend Olalla, who has offered him advice and encouragement.

"She has had to suffer much disappointed ranting and moaning, especially when I was at Atletico," he said. "Now, she is also having a good time herself.

"She knows how to calm me down when I haven't been able to see the way out of the tunnel or wake me up when I've been sleeping. She pushes me when I need to be encouraged. The person that lives with you is sometimes the only one capable of helping you up when you don't realise how down you are."


"吃饭容易,种稻难 ; 下山容易,上山难."

This quote came out from my mind during one of my jogs uphill and downhill in Jun'08.