Holiday Season

Merry Merry Christmas, Happy Happy New Year !!

Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh

There is a place called Lost World in Tambun, Ipoh, which is accessible using the North South Highway. It's an ideal place for a one day breakaway from city life.

At this point of time, Christmas decorations are queueing up to welcome you

Especially Santa

The main entrance of Lost World

Setting up nicely in a small valley of marble hills, perfectly blended into its surrounding nature
Some cats are lining up anticipating for your arrival
In the mean time, some real BIG cats awaiting your presence inside the park
Inside Lost World Tambun, there are wet park, amusement park, twin waterfall sandy beach, natural hot springs, petting zoo, and tiger valley.
Due to dried camera battery after snapping food outlet photos inside Ipoh city, I can't share with you the detailed stuffs inside Lost World. But more info can be found using this link

Sex & Marriage

Ladies who know how to have sex tends to have a long lasting relationship compared to those who don't.

Ladies should not be too reactive during a love making session, sometimes she has to take charge, otherwise it's just like making love to an air blowing plastic doll.

For Charity

There are 2 special Tiger bottled beer for auction.

The 1st bottle :
Contains about 20% of beer

and it's from a fresh bottle

The 2nd bottle :
A bottled beer without beer

it's from a fresh bottle as well

Each bottle starts from the base of RM500.
You can write to for your auction price, all proceed minus cost will go to charity.

Liverpool FC vs Man Utd FC

Roadhouse Grill organized a viewing party between Liverpool FC and Man Utd FC on Oct 25, which is a Sunday night.

White and red balloons represent Liverpool while black and red represents Man Utd

At the end, white and red came on top, with a 2-0 scoreline

Outside crowd

Inside crowd

My encounter with Ferrari, Octopus, and 2 pretty ladies ..

I was at Autocity the other day and bumped into an auto fair. At the entrance, some Ferraries greet my presence

Its breaking system must be very reliable, otherwise it would be earth on heaven

Giant octopus
and 2 pretty ladies
This one less pretty, but can be a good wife

This one more pretty, can be a very good girl friend

Super Jumbo

Jumbo 1 : Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest Bier

Jumbo 2 : Sausages

Jumbo 3 : Airbus A380

Michael Jackson loves whisky ?

Seems like Michael Jackson really likes Scottish whisky ..

2009 Oktoberfest @ Roadhouse Grill, Gurney Drive, Penang

2009 Oktoberfest is now ON @ Roadhouse Grill, Gurney Drive, Penang starting tonite Oct 16 from 9.30pm onwards, every Friday and Saturday till end of October. Come and join the fun ...

Roadhouse Grill @ Gurney, Penang

Roadhouse Grill is situated opposite Gurney Beach, at Gurney Tower, next next to Starbucks.

Eat, drink, and be yourself
That's Roadhouse style

Front view of RHG
You must ask for its signature dishes, then you will love it.

This guy always welcoming you

At Roadhouse, peanuts are free flowing items
Peanuts --> before :

Peanuts --> after :

Peanut flooring