A candle with a few drops of red wine ..

Play Safe

Lately I visited Watson quite often, bought 4 boxes of Durex in the process, 1 Extra Safe plus 3 Play Mix.

I gave out 2 as a X'mas present to a friend who seems to be an "ambassador" to our neighboring country up north. For the 3th box, it acted as my gift exchange media during a X'mas BBQ.

Out of curiosity, I bought the 4th box on Dec 25 to find out myself what the hell are inside this Play Mix.

After some careful examination in an empty room, I realize that it contains one dozen of rubbers : 2 Strawberry, 2 Ribbed, 2 Sensation, 2 Fetherlite, and 4 Durex Play.

Durex Play is in water based. Strawberry is in red. Fetherlite should be in gold color. But I am having difficulty in differentiating between Ribbed and Sensation as there is no single label outside the packets indicating which is which.

Its expiry date is 5 years from now, which is more lasting than our canned food .. no wonder it's called Durex (Durable in Expiring).

Chelsea #8 at Penang

I was at a X'mas eve dinner and met a special guy called Frank.

He is from Chelsea Football Club

By the name of Lampard

He brought along a few guys. From the left in dark shirt is his bodyguard. In the middle is his ex-bodyguard . To the far right is his boot man.
Lampard ordered 3 dishes.
1) X'mas Turkey

2) X'mas Cod-Fish

3) X'mas Ribs

Tell u wat ... he finished off these 3 dishes within 30 minutes, just like scoring a sweet hatrick in half an hour.
Only some bare bones left

Feeling half full, he decided to try out local burger at a stall nearby, together with his trusted bodyguard.
Set it out nicely on the dining table ..

and swallow into his appetising stomach, within 3 minutes.

End up with a nice cool German beer and he was in superb mood :)

Liverpool the EPL champion for 2008/2009 ?

Liverpool is currently top of the table going into the busy Christmas period.

This season is going to be a two horse race between Liverpool and Man Utd. Arsenal is being discounted as the squad is too young and too thin to mount a serious title challenge. Chelsea is not in the picture as coach Scolari is only good in managing country football, not club football.
Horse 1 : Anfield

Horse 2 : Old Trafford

After 18 years waiting for its 19th title, this season should belongs to Gerrard and co.

and You'll Never Walk Alone !!

Heart Shaped Reef

Introducing this Heart Shaped Reef, near Whitsunday Islands, Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

An ideal place to propose to your loved one =.=

王老吉 (Wong Lo Kat)

Out of curiosity, I bought a can of Wong Lo Kat from a 7-eleven outlet. It costs me RM2.90.

This drink is dating back from the Qing Dynasty, and made from natural herbal ingredients.

Wong Lo Kat - a direct intonation translation from Cantonese

Even though it's RM2.90, its taste is just the same as the herbal tea sold in the coffee shop or hawker center, which I can get for RM0.90 a glass. The RM2.00 savings can probably be invested in Sports Toto thru its Mega and Super Jackpot, which have potential return of millions of ringgit. Coincidentally, both 7-evelen and Sports Toto are owned by the same holding company.

Mega and Super Jackpots

Subway --> eat fresh

We should visit this outlet more often than other traditional fast food chains like McD and KFC.

Subway serves a variety of sandwiches and salads

It even has party platters, from as low as RM50.
Santa must like it very much.

Subway turned Jared Fogel from a 193kg man into a 86kg handsome guy. Santa must surely loves it by now.

3 outlets in Penang for you to give Santa a treat : E-Gate, Gurney, and Autocity.

Going for Subway could be better than practising Yoga

This one also not bad. But it's not available in Penang.

Hong Kong restaurant

I have high expectation on the food at Kim Gary but it always turn out to be a big disappointment.

I am hoping for better quality Hong Kong restaurants to expand their network into Malaysia, to provide more competition to existing ones.

This one below is a real good outlet, but not in M'sia yet.

Doraemon at QB

Making a date with Doraemon at Queensbay Mall, Penang.

He is bringing his friends along ... including Suneo Honekawa

A chance for you to win a brand new car for the upcoming CNY

Or at least you can bring back some authentic mugs
You might even bump up with the real Suneo Honekawa (Ah Fook) at the mall. Remember to say halo to him and ask for his autograph.

Doraemon is coming to town

When : 04 Dec, 2008 (Thurs)
Where : inside a cinema

Doraemon: The New Nobita's Great Adventure Into The Underworld