Vintage Bulgaria

Vintage Bulgaria restaurant & bar

Just beside Ingolf's Kneipe in Tanjung Bungah, indirect opposite of Paradise Sandy Bay Hotel. (Tel # : 604-898 1890)

Visited by a "Prosperity God" in casual attire, who is without his formal costume in red which is quite similar to Santa's suit.

I guess this is a Bulgarian decorative

Clanberry drinks

A bar at the mezzanine floor, with a pretty female "Santa Claus". Let me tell you that there are at least half a dozen of them.

Broccoli + Cauliflower soup, coming with a BIG cup but only half full. It's a bit bit salty.

A Bulgarian 'grilled' platter. A bit bit salty as well.

Looks familiar to you ? Something that you see every morning ?

Not in the menu ..

Its wooden toilet door

The mezzanine floor for smoker and its basement for non-smoker. In fact, it's the romantic basement for lovers while mezzanine floor for lone ranger and power ranger.
You might even bump up with this artistic Dimitar Berbatov ..

or the temperament Hristo Stoichkov, as both of them should like Bulgarian food very much ...

Moving around in Kuala Lumpur

AIDS in Malaysia

Agence France-Presse - 11/30/2008 6:33 AM GMT

HIV/AIDS cases on the rise in Malaysia: report

Malaysia's HIV/AIDS infection rates are on the rise, dealing a blow to the country's bid to achieve the UN's Millennium Development Goal (MDG) to eradicate the virus, a UN official warned in reports Sunday.

Kamal Malhotra, the UN's resident coordinator in Malaysia told state news agency Bernama that up to June this year, 82,704 Malaysians have so far been infected with the virus since records began in 1986.

In 2006, eight percent of Malaysia's population were infected with HIV/AIDS compared to five percent in 2000, according to the United Nations Development Programme Malaysia website.

Malhotra told Bernama the country could face an epidemic if efforts were not focused on drug users, sex workers, transsexuals, male homosexuals and migrant workers.

He said one of the best methods to prevent this continuous spread was better education and understanding of the virus itself.

Malaysia has embarked on a five-year plan to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS, launching a pilot needle exchange programmes for drug addicts in 2006.

One of the solutions :

ASIMO for Star Wars ?

ASIMO is touring big towns around Malaysia, attracting BIG crowd in shopping malls.

"Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility" --- ASIMO

I had high expectation before seeing these ASIMO, but it turned out to be a disappointment.
To me, ASIMO is no where near the robots in Star Wars, which are light years ahead.

Captain Sparrow in Boston ?

This is an ancient ship at a harbour in Boston

It has less canon compared to the ships in Pirates of the Caribbean

These canons are being "de-activated"

The de-activator looks like a red cork for a red wine bottle

The canon room, which used to be a dangerous zone ...

becomes rest area for Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner ...

Niagara Falls

Aerial view of Niagara Falls

Downstream of Niagara Falls

Getting ready to board a boat, with an actopus shaped attire

Boarding point by the river bank

Many blue octopus lining up for their turn to take on the majestic falls. The tent at the bottom right turns people into octopuses, amazing ...

The Niagara Falls are massive waterfalls on the Niagara River, straddling the international border separating the Canadian province of Ontario and the U.S. state of New York.

Niagara Falls is divided into the Horseshoe Falls and the American Falls. (

American Falls

Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe falls with its "Horsepower"

Wet wet power indeed

Another close encounter ...

Edible Oils

While consumption of small amounts of saturated fats is essential, excessive amounts of such fats has been shown to be correlated with coronary heart disease.

Oils that are particularly high in saturated fats include coconut, palm oil and palm kernel oil.

Oils with lower amounts of saturated fats, and higher amounts of unsaturated (preferably monounsaturated) fats, are generally healthier.

50 Facts

50 Facts That Should Change The World (by Jessica Williams)
This book looks and sounds good, I will get it from a bookstore to find out myself whether it's really good in substance .. (also time to buy some books to enjoy my taxable income reduction by RM700)

Manchester City vs Arsenal

Manchester City vs Arsenal

22 November 2009
My prediction : at least 3 goals scored

A tribute to Stevie G

* A tribute to Stevie G for his 10 years at Liverpool Football Club *

Empower Asia -- Raja Nazrin Shah

Raja Nazrin Shah cited five areas that could empower Asia.

“The first prerequisite of empowerment must be to strengthen the rule of law. The law has the capacity to unite and enfranchise the people of Asia like no other.

“The second source of empowerment is greater political participation. One of the essential tasks of Asia’s leaders is to convert residents into citizens and citizens into stakeholders.
“It is only when citizens are also stakeholders will there be the widest sense of ownership of problems and challenges. In order for Asian countries to weather this storm, governance systems must be broadly based and consultative to minimise non-cooperative behaviour.”
A third prerequisite for empowerment is that values and beliefs need to be changed and this is never a straightforward task.

A fourth source of empowerment is technology, particularly information and communication technology.

A fifth source of empowerment is education that breaks the chains of oppressive traditions and extremism.

“Education has paved the way for many to find their way out of poverty and for countries to sharpen their competitive edge,” Raja Nazrin added.

Unfortunately, he said that good quality education was still a dream for many.

Hull City vs Manchester City

Hull City vs Manchester City
16 November 2009

My prediction : at least 3 goals scored

12 Apostles & Bako National Park

12 Apostles
"The Twelve Apostles are giant rock stacks that rise majestically from the Southern Ocean, located just east of Port Campbell, along the Great Ocean Road (Victoria, Australia)."

Bako National Park
The Bako National Park is the oldest national park in Sarawak. It covers about 3,000 hectares of rugged sandstone peninsula to the noth-east of Kuching.