A Muslim from Myanmar

I met a Muslim guy who is from Myanmar yesterday. His name is Baser, quite good looking :). He looks like a Malay and I saw him reading The Stars, focused on the International section, on Cyclone Nargis which ripped apart villages in Myanmar. His eyes told me that he was really worry about his family in his homeland.

Baser came to Malaysia as a refugee through UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), and was issued an ID card. He came here because the military government is treating Christian and Muslim on a double standard basis. According to Baser, life is really tough back home, it’s hard to earn a living to feed his family. In order to improve the condition, he came to Malaysia as a refugee.

He works as a parking attendant from 9am-10pm, 13 hours a day, every single day, sometimes being bullied by locals. He earns an income which is just enough to feed himself and barely manage to send home some money for his wife and children. To my surprise, he spoke perfect English. In addition, he is a bachelor degree holder and half way through his master program, his field of study is Agriculture. His only hope now is to earn enough money so that he can continue his study in a Malaysian university, even though the process of accumulate the money might take many many years.

After talking to Baser for about 30 minutes, I really feel that we Malaysian are really really lucky. We can still choose where to go for our dinner, while there are people in our neighboring countries who are still struggling to get a bowl of rice for their meal.

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