Rafa on holiday ..

Rafael Benitez has admitted he'll continue working while on holiday this summer - so long as his wife doesn't find his mobile phone!

With the Reds' season having ended at the weekend Benitez is now looking to put his squad rebuilding plans into action as he looks to bring new faces into the club. The boss has previously spoken of his desire to finalise transfer business as quickly as possible, and even though he has plans for a summer break he insists he'll still be doing all he can to ensure it's a productive close season for the Reds. "I don't tend to have too much time away from football, but I will try to switch off for a bit," he says. "I will have to try to hide my mobile phone, and if my wife can't find out about it I'll try and keep it on me. "But if she finds it I'm sure she'll throw it in the swimming pool! "I don't like the beach too much but I don't mind being around a swimming pool or maybe going up into the mountains." And even when he does find time to relax on holiday, Benitez admits it's often impossible to escape the attentions of the club's worldwide fan base. "When you are at such a big club as Liverpool everybody knows who you are and it's not easy to get away from people on holiday," he added. "Last summer, I was by the swimming pool and a kid was playing football wearing a Liverpool cap. He passed the ball and it came to me, so I tried to dribble it past him and we were playing for about five minutes. "After we'd finished, his father spoke to him and said 'do you know who that is?' The kid says 'is it a Liverpool player?' and his dad replies 'no, it's the manager!' "So after that he was with me playing football the whole week. He was the only one who hadn't recognised me and he was the one wearing the Liverpool cap."


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