Well done Man Utd !

Congratulations to Man Utd for being crowded the English Premier League champion for season 2007/2008.

Even though I had written them off in my previous posting, and thought that Chelsea would overtake them in the final match, it’s indeed a well deserved 10th title for Sir Alex Ferguson and his team, what an achievement ! I really have to take my hat off (:

It’s a grand finale and indeed an exciting end to an eventful season. The Devils and the Blues were involved in the title race till the very last day of the season, while the lower tier teams were engaged in the fierce relegation battles. With this kind of excitement, the EPL has captured the heart of millions of TV viewers worldwide, and become one of the most watched sports events in the world.

In the coming season, it will be a 4 horse race again. Man Utd and Chelsea are going to be the dominant force, while Arsenal and Liverpool will continue to give a strong challenge to the top two.

What’s next for the new season ?

Man Utd – It’s a strong team from attack to defense. It has a reputable manager in Sir Alex, and has strong financial backing from the club owners. The defending champion will continue to play attractive football with the influence of Ronaldo, Rooney, and Nani.

Chelsea – A team with powerful financial background. The weakest link could be its current manager. The success of this team is very much depends on whether Avram Grant can bring out the best of his stars players, week in and week out.

Arsenal – A very young team which is in the right direction for greatness. However, the Gunners need one or two established and seasoned players to fill up the gap left by Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry. A combination of young and matured players is necessary to sustain a long season, from August till May.

Liverpool – This team is still searching for its 19th league title. The Reds has evolved from a defense minded team to a more attacking outfit. It has scored 119 goals in current season, the highest in England but without winning any trophy. The boardroom quarrel should be put to rest, with a takeover by DIC would provide a perfect option. Rafa needs funds to bring in one or two attacking midfielder and a striking partner for Fernando Torres.

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m_lokman said...

Next stop: A showdown against Chelsea in Moscow on the 21 May 2008.

I believe this Man Utd side are on the verge of greatness and victory against Roman Abramovich's Chelsea in the Champions League Final will prove that the great Scotsman has built the best side in Europe this season (and for many more seasons to come).

In the semis, Paul Scholes rolled back the years to show Barca why France mercurial midfielder Zidane once rated him as arguably the best player ever to play for England. In the finals, I have a feeling that Giggsy will emulate his long serving team mate by scoring a memorable goal, a-la the one that haunted Arsenal in the 1999 FA Cup semi-final. A mazy run through the entire pitch that bewilders the whole Chelsea team which culminates in Petr Chech trembling at the sight of the Welshman in full flight is on the cards.

Drogba and Ballack will then be getting on each others nerves, leading to the downfall of Roman Abramovich's multi-million pound men.

After the interval, Owen Hargreaves will score another brilliant freekick from outside the penalty box and though Caude Makelele is able to pull one back with a tremendous volley from 40 yards, Man Utd will again walk away with the trophy, once deemed the Holy Grail by Fergie.

Chelsea will be beaten 2-1!!!