2nd Month as a 'Blogger'

Today is my 2nd month "anniversary" as a blogger in the cyberspace, and I am glad that I am still going strong and kicking ..)

One of the main reasons that lead me to set up my very own blog is due to the 12th general election, and I am indeed very thankful to our PM Dato Seri Abdullah, Dato Seri Anwar, Dato Seri Hadi Awang, YB Kit Siang and other Malaysian politicians who love this country. It's created on Apr 10, one month after the election.

Here is the summary from my 2 months journey :
Things that I can be proud of ...
i) Manage to get over 200 responses from one of my polls posted.
ii) Manage to share the existence and attractiveness of a blog to friends and strangers.
iii) Learn a couple of good stuffs from my fellow blogger.

iv) This is my 101 postings, what a semi-coincidence.

Things that I should be doing / keep doing ...
i) Get more friends & comrades to join the cyberspace and discover the beauty of virtual interaction.
ii) To deliver extra info on politics, sports & recreation, commercial updates, etc. to Malaysian public in particular.
iii) To link Malaysia to the world in the spirit of globalization.




Anonymous said...

haha... i tot u blogging long long time ago ler... happy 2 mth bday... hehe.. keep writting, Kampateh!!!

Anak Penang, Anak Asia said...

Thanks !

I am looking forward for the 6 month "anniversary", 1 year, and also 10 year celebration (:

By that time, i think i can pass down to my son/daughter already ..

Then their blog name should be either "sonofsonofpenang" or "daughterofsonofpenang" *)