Asia Future Shock

Asia Future Shock:
Business Crisis and Opportunity in the Coming Years

by Michael Backman
Published by Palgrave-Macmillan,
2008Hardcover, 188 pages
Published December, 2007

Asia Future Shock takes a look at major trends in Asia over the coming years and decades - sectors and countries are looked at. Asia Future Shock is an excellent tool for business planners and strategists.

Asia Future Shock is published worldwide by Palgrave-Macmillan. This means that it can be ordered from any bookshop anywhere.



Chapter 1
Population Dynamics: How Asia’s Face is Changing

Chapter 2
The Internet, Big Business & Freedom

Chapter 3
China’s Military Build-up

Chapter 4
20 million Japanese to go Missing

Chapter 5
The Two Koreas to Reunify

Chapter 6
The Rush out of India by Indian Companies

Chapter 7
Asia’s Nuclear Future

Chapter 8
Water Wars

Chapter 9
China to have the World’s Biggest Number of English Speakers

Chapter 10
China’s HR Nightmare

Chapter 11
India’s HR Nightmare

Chapter 12
Wanted! 250 million Wives: Asia’s Shocking Gender Imbalance

Chapter 13
Asia’s Meaningless Borders

Chapter 14
Growing Family Breakdown in Asia

Chapter 15
China builds an Economic Bloc based on Corruption

Chapter 16
Vietnam: The New China?

Chapter 17
Burma: The Next Vietnam

Chapter 18
Does Indonesia have a Future?

Chapter 19
From Malaysia Boleh to Malaysia Bodoh?

Chapter 20
China’s Healthcare Sector to Boom

Chapter 21
The Next Tsunami: Mainland Chinese Tourists

Chapter 22
Medical Research to shift to Asia

Chapter 23
New Switzerlands: Private Banking & Money Laundering shift to Asia

Chapter 24
Asia’s Coming Medical Tourism Bonanza

Chapter 25
Growing Corporate Ownership by Charities in Asia

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