Shopping Style

Shopping pattern for men
Their purchasing style is quite similar to English football. A long ball from a defender cross the field, headed down by a central forward to his fellow striking partner, unleash a powerful shot followed by a cracking goal, and the whole stadium erupted. A simple and direct approach.

When a man wanna buy a thing, he will go straight to a shop, select the stuff, pay the cashier, then headed back to his car, full stop.

Shopping behaviour for ladies
Their shopping style is quite identical to Italian football. The goalkeeper passes the ball to rightback, rightback passes to central defender, central defender chips to left winger, he runs at opposition, pass to a midfielder, dummies and dribbles, then switches to right winger, a one two with a stricker, unsucessful ... lob back to the defensive midfielder, then to keeper, and the goalkeeper ...... In short, it's left, right, center, front, back, up, down, mezzanine, north, east, south, west, and so on ...

Ladies like to cover every inch of a shopping mall, and their radar sweeps across all the items in display. Luckily for some smart shop owners, they are preparing sofas and couches for male patrons who accompany their significant half, and it could be better if male magazines are available as well :) I can also say that these outlets tend to enjoy better sales as the guys are more prepared to pay for anything for their gf / wife when they are feeling comfortable at these outlets.

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