Langkawi vs Bali Phuket

Things that Langkawi must do in order to catch up with Bali and Phuket :

1) To engage international top consulting firm to provide periodic ideas and constructive feedback.

2) To immediately improve the cleanliness of the island; modern garbage management system must be implemented as soonest possible and local council must continuously inspecting every single corner of the island everyday.

3) To stop constructing modern contemporary structures on the island, traditional architecture design must be adopted in all future buildings, from warongs, shophouses, to 5-star resorts.

4) To systematically replace all aging ferries from Penang, Kuala Kedah, and Kuala Perlis.

5) Build more resorts on the sea, I mean on the sea ..

6) To expand the island hopping coverage, not just limit to a few islands.

7) Construct a few casinos on some of the islands.

8) Promote all types of massages on the island i.e. Thai, Balinese, Chinese, Turkish etc.

9) Have beer party on Jan & Jul, wine party on Feb & Aug, vodka festival on Mar & Sep, whisky festival on Apr & Oct, brandy bonanza on May & Nov, & cocktail/shooter fiesta on Jun & Dec.

10) Have beach styled musical festival every 3 months, borrowing the concept from rainforest musical festival.

11) Organize jet ski, powerboat, dragon boat competitions every 6 months.

12) Organize gathering for bloggers on anuual basis (:

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