Malaysian Chinese

“Chinese-school-educated” Malaysian Chinese :

A) Good in mathematics and logic thinking.
B) Possess entrepreneur skills.
C) A risk taker.
D) Might bend rules and ride on regulations.
E) Relatively not strong in English language in terms of expression and communication.

F) Mind is not 100% ready to accept new things / innocative concepts from the outside world, a bit conservative.
G) Quite addictive to gambling.
H) Tends to be a MCA member.
I) Tends to be a Buddhist.
J) Like to travel to the Far East, i.e. China, HK, Taiwan, Japan, Korea.

“English-school-educated” Malaysian Chinese :
A) More open minded.
B) Faster rise in MNCs from the US and Europe.
C) Better work-life balance.
D) More health conscious.
E) Follow rules and regulations.

F) Weak in Mandarin.
G) Losing their root as a Chinese.
H) Tends to be a DAP member.
I) Tends to be a Christian.
J) Like to travel to ANZ, Europe, and America.

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