My Team

This was my ESPN Fantasy Football EPL team for the 2007/08 season :

I manage to get 499 placing, just below the Top 500 mark ...

There were 131,751 participants last season, and I was the top 0.38% around the globe, not too bad huh ..

This is my team for the new 2008/09 season :

Surprisingly, Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard are not in my team sheet. What to do, I am only given 100M pounds and good players are expensive. But not to worry, I can still buy and sell when the value of my current set of players inflated.

And my target for this new season is to be among the Top 100 worldwide. If that's the case, I will reward myself with a trip to Anfield in 2009. A great plan isn't it ??

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