Adidas jogging shoes

I bought this pair of jogging / running shoes from an Adidas outlet located in a shopping mall. I like the brand due to its quality and its dedication towards sports.

View from the back ... quite nice huhh ..

It has a label called "adizero" inside the shoes. I guess it tries to reflect its lightness as comparable to a feather. I have weighted the shoe and it's about 0.3 kg per one side. Little weight means minimum energy to lift up the extra kg while on the road. Same logic goes to small car like those from Perodua with its low fuel consumption capability.

In addition, there is another label called "CLIMACOOL". When you wear this pair of shoes inside an air-conditioned area, you will feel the cool air flowing inside and kissing your feet.


Bradley said...

Perfect choice..! These Adidas jogging shoes are looking much comfy and light-weight.

The Son of Asia said...

yupe, valued for money !)