Aeroline experience

Upper deck view from an Aeroline coach, with 3 leather seats in a row.

I was given a survey form and the questions are quite professionally done. In return, I gave my professional feedback (:

On that ride, the only thing that impressed me was this power supply terminal whereby I was able to recharge my notebook battery while doing some spreadsheet works on the bus.

In terms of overall rating, I could only give 6.5 out of 10. I had high expectation on Aeroline as I had paid RM55 for a trip from Bandar Utama to Penang. Apart from the power supply terminal, the rest of the amenities are quite common to me.

Things that Aeroline should start doing :
1) Provide more space, perhaps 2 seats a row
2) Install Osim or Ogawa massage chair
3) Install personal AV system
4) Provide Internet connectivity
5) Serve better food and not icy cold burger

6) Employ more good looking steward / stewardess
7) Tint the glass which can give more comfort to the passengers
8) Have more frequent service / bus routine
9) Start a service to KLIA / LCCT
10) Engage me as a strategic consultant


CK said...

engage u as consultant!?~haha!
Aeroline will become Yellowline...

jarien said...

install osim/ogawa massage chair??
erhm, u wanna turn it into 'machine massage parlour'?? :P

The Son of Asia said...

ur heads !!