Get rich overnight

This movie is produced by Mediacorp Singapore. The direct translation from its Mandarin movie title should be "Get Rich Overnight", but somehow it's called The Best Bet ... anyway ......

In brief, these couples inside the movie strike a 4D lottery based on joint contribution with their two other friends but tried to swallow the prize money themselves.

In order to avoid suspicion, they hide the prize money under their bed, inside bedsheet, and also counting and iron the cash every now and then.

Pretending nothing had happened in front of their two friends.

Let me bring you back to our real world ... right now, you have a chance to win half a million cash from a local bank just by depositing your money in a banking account. No slogan or contest form needed.

This is really your best bet as it's important to possess a great deal of cash during an economic recession. During this slump period, you are able to snap up blue-chip shares, prime location property, business ownership, etc with a discounted price.

When the economy recovers, the return that you might made will entitle you for many nights stay at this hotel in Dubai and you can jump onto its bed every single night, overlooking the Arabian sea. Apart from that, you can also have the luxury to enjoy Arabian dessert in a Persian desert.


Anonymous said...

Can someone answer the below simple calculation:

Jun-08/ Jul-08:
Petrol price was 2.70
which subsidy 0.30
Cure Oil price was USD145 and exchange rate was 3.2

Oct -08
Today petrol price is RM2.30
Cure Oil price is USD77.70 and exchange rate is 3.5

Question is:
how much is the government subsidy?

chan tze haw said...

can't estimate without the quantity of petrol consumption.

Government subsidy based on the total amount they can afford, not based on the cent/litre.

The major issue is not how much Government is willing to subsidy but how much can the market absorb the costs and learn to become competitive in the long run.

If you agree that new economic policy and quota system have contributed to deficiency and low productivity among certain ethnic group, you may realise how our industries are depending too much on government subsidies on competitiveness and cost reduction.

I agree subsidies are needed, but only in the short run. Government did mistakes since Mahathir era that they subsidized too much and benefited the GLC/crony's pockects rather than the economic as a whole.

And, because we suffered 12 years of persistent deficits in fiscal budget, government is unable to subsidize much when helps are mostly needed.

In brief, subsidies are neccesary but insufficient to improve our economic development as well as consumer welfare.

chan tze haw said...

there are signs that Mahathirism may be back, and we should be worried.

Paul Kruman-the 2008 economics Nobel prize winner announced yesterday, once in his famous research paper(1994) pointed out that the Asian miracles are temporal and unsustainable because our economic achievements were input-driven but not productivity-driven. Meaning that we squeeze the national resources and throw in all capital investments to create demands and make the markets look good but the productivity and competitiveness have not improved at all.

Paul Krugman didn't predict the Asia financial crisis but he was right about the unsustainable development in Asia. He was among the few that supported for Mahathir's capital control but only as a short term policy. Mahathir didn't like him much anyway. He's a Jewish.

Fernando said...

Perfect articulation !