Korean Food

I went to this Korean restaurant in PJ (Malaysia) and found a unique devise used to absorb cooking heat.

It is being pull down all the way from the ceiling up to right in the middle of the stove.

Good food with clean utensil plus some onions ..

Some roadside hot and sour Korean snacks near Busan (Korea), with its open air heat absorber.

These snacks look like BIG sized Penang Lok-Lok, everything being magnified, especially the holding stick.

Korean food resembles Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic delicacies.

Last but not least, this snack here resembles a Malay delicacy, but it's prepared with aluminium foil and a microwave oven.


F_ly said...

u can find the same sucking devise in autocity penang.forgotten the korean restaurant name..but the bbq mushroom there is very nice.

The Son of Asia said...

really ?