New York city (2)

Geographically, New York is situated in the north-east of the USA, close to the border of Canada. It's just like Kota Bharu to Malaysia in terms of physical location, and close to the Thais border.

Niagara Falls is to the north-west of this metropolitan while Boston which houses Red Sox baseball team is at its north-west.

On the street at New York city ... billboards ofJapanese and Korean brands are visible along the street, notably JVC and LG.

HSBC and Samsung on the left tower, city cab in banana yellow color.

Elizabeth Arden at the top of Zara (Canadian on top of Spanish)

Gals' favourite : Louis Vuitton (which is a French company)

Tell you wat, you must not miss Trump Tower when you visit New York next time. Perhaps you might bump into Mr Trump and who knows he might hire you on the spot, and you have the equal chance to fire him from the same spot.

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