Vintage Bulgaria

Vintage Bulgaria restaurant & bar

Just beside Ingolf's Kneipe in Tanjung Bungah, indirect opposite of Paradise Sandy Bay Hotel. (Tel # : 604-898 1890)

Visited by a "Prosperity God" in casual attire, who is without his formal costume in red which is quite similar to Santa's suit.

I guess this is a Bulgarian decorative

Clanberry drinks

A bar at the mezzanine floor, with a pretty female "Santa Claus". Let me tell you that there are at least half a dozen of them.

Broccoli + Cauliflower soup, coming with a BIG cup but only half full. It's a bit bit salty.

A Bulgarian 'grilled' platter. A bit bit salty as well.

Looks familiar to you ? Something that you see every morning ?

Not in the menu ..

Its wooden toilet door

The mezzanine floor for smoker and its basement for non-smoker. In fact, it's the romantic basement for lovers while mezzanine floor for lone ranger and power ranger.
You might even bump up with this artistic Dimitar Berbatov ..

or the temperament Hristo Stoichkov, as both of them should like Bulgarian food very much ...

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