Voting day in the US

Barack Obama at his last election rally :
"Let me start by noting that this is our last rally, Virginia. We've been doing this for nearly two years. We've gone to every corner of this country,­ from here in Northern Virginia to the rocky coast of Maine; from the open plains of Texas to the open skies of Montana. And I just want to say that whatever happens tomorrow, I have been deeply humbled by this journey. You have welcomed Michelle and me into your homes. You have shared your stories of struggle. And you've spoken of your dreams. Along the way, in talking with all of you about your own lives, you have enriched mine. You have moved me. You have inspired me. And you have filled me with new hope for our future. In the places I've gone and the people I've met, I have been struck again and again by the fundamental decency, and generosity, and dignity of men and women who work hard without complaint to meet their responsibilities every day."

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