My 2008

2008 is quite remarkable and memorable to me in these following aspects :

1) Managed to switch my job after so many years in my previous company. My current boss is very approachable and understanding, while my current job is really interesting and challenging.

2) Become a blogger and having lots of fun in blogging. I have learned and shared along the way.

3) Joined the Langkawi Beach Run in July and managed to complete the race of 21km with blood and sweat. Having a whole bunch of really nice colleagues around and had a good time along Pantai Cenang. I missed the burger ikan and burger udang ...

4) Get to know more about aquaculture from one of my close friend and learn ways to run a business in Malaysian context. Barramundi = Australia Siakap, just a Siakap anyway, and Siakap = Seabass ... :)

5) My 20th year as a supporter of Liverpool Football Club, thru thick and thin. Hope that they can win the league this year and I will make a trip to Anfield pretty soon.

In 2009, I have a few things that wish to accomplish and will share it out at the end of the year.

To my family members, may God blessed you all the way.
To my close friends, lets keep up the friendship and bring it to another level.
To my normal friends, lets make the relationship closer.
To my readers who might not be too many at this point of time, thanks for your support in 2008 and need your extended support in 2009.
Last but not least, to all my haters, kanne and fcuk off.

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