Need More Publicity

It's time for me to talk to all my dearest readers ...

Here you go ..

I think I need to do more publicity and try to reach out to more people in Penang and also to fellow Malaysian in general. However, ang moh also welcome, in order to show them that we Malaysian also BOLEH.

Nowadays, I still have time to write some blog postings but only have tiny time to further promote my blog. As such, I need your assistance.

If you think my blog is not TOO BAD, maybe you can share with your brother sister or closed friends. That's what I need from you, not too much kua ..

Wanna tell you that one of the satisfactions for a blogger is to have as much readers as possible. It's quite common right ?

Okay laa, times up now, till then, have a pleasant day everyday and all the best from me.

Son of Penang

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