Plan B

Penang is feeling the heat of the current global economy slowdown. Factories are either operating lesser hours or cutting down expenses / headcount.

Penang is a renown manufacturing hub in the South East Asia for the past few decades, attracting foreign investment in the electronic and IT industry. In other words, factories in Penang has become the dominant employers for Penangites. Any unfavorable development in the industry tends to leave undesirable impact to this island state.

Now it's the right time for Penangites or those who work in Penang to think of a Plan B for themselves, creating a 2nd water pipe if there's something wrong with the main pipe (income source).

To me, agriculture and aquaculture sector can be our Plan B. Alternatively, something related to our hobby which can be commercialized is the 2nd water pipe.

Why agriculture and aquaculture ?

Malaysia is blessed with its beautiful tropical climate. Agriculture and aquaculture products such as banana, papaya, pineapple, grouper, snapper, and sea cucumber have huge potential around the world. Agriculture and aquaculture are our competitive edge and we can penetrate the world market more easily compared to other products.

Just think about it .. shouldn't always leave ourselves in the comfort zone


Anonymous said...

Thats true, for the Penang people, we could do other job as well. It seem many company are shutting down or moving, doing our own business is great. Furthermore, its better if it is related with aquaculture

The Son of Asia said...

There are still plenty of land outside Penang island, which we can make use of them.

Penang as an island would just be our home sweet home after a day of hard work.