Ipoh Tauge Chicken (怡保芽菜鸡)

I dropped by Ipoh on my way back from KL, and took a dinper at Restoran Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau.

Btw, dinper = dinner + supper (my own creation :)

Just like Brunch = Breakfast + Lunch

This was the order for 3 persons :

and I took 2 bowls of this "Hor Fun"

In comparison, Tauge Chicken Ayam (芽菜鸡) at Restoran Onn Kee besides Lou Wong is far better than Lou Wong.

I tried Onn Kee a few years back and still miss its fatty juicy Tauge (bean sprout) and its tender chicken.

While taking my dinper, I noticed that there is another outlet selling Salted Chicken at the other side of Lou Wong.

It strucked my mind momentarily that Ipoh is really full of chicken and ayam.

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