Is it in Kyoto or in Penang ?

You might think that this is a Sakura Festival in Japan without the background buildings, but in fact these photos are taken here in Penang.

Sakura is the Japanese name for cherry trees. I am not sure whether these trees below are cherry trees, but they're blossoming in this small island.

The location is aound Bayan Baru area of Hotel Seri Malaysia, Sunway Tunas, and PISA.

Please take this opportunity to have a look yourself these few days, and remember to bring along your camera, and with your loved one if possible.
Be fast as flowers also have expiry date.
I think the state government of Penang should plant more of these trees along the major roads around Penang, and turn it into a flowering island in the next 5-10 years, attracting tourists around the globe.


Regina Teh said...

Wow~Really is in Penang?
Hope they will still be around when I go back in May.

SOP said...

Sad to say that the flowers are fast disappearing. But hope to be blossoming again come May ...