Kenny Sia - Blue or Red ??

I am a BIG fan of Kenny Sia.

I admire him for his outstanding blogging talent.

To me, Kenny is a Chelsea fan and I am fine with that even though I am a Liverpool supporter.

Premier League is more exciting with the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal around.

But I was shocked when I saw him wearing a Man Utd jersey at Old Trafford last weekend.
A Chelsea fan wearing a Red Devil gear ??

Feeling a need to make an expression, I left a comment on his blog, and it sounds like this :

If Kenny managed to read my message , I hope that he will make a firm decision, choosing either Chelsea or Man Utd, and stick to it for life.

Jumping around like a frog earns little respect from the ground.

I still respect him for who he is, in making people's life more colorful thru blogging, in conveying eye-opening community message to the cyber space, in doing charity for the needies, and many others.

However, when come to footballing matters, he's still not up to the mark yet.

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