Airbus A380 jumbo plane

Introducing Airbus A380 from Singapore Airline

The world largest passenger plane parking at CDG Airport

The meal served inside the plane is just like those available in any other long haul flight. Initially I thought the meal could be something special and memorable but it's not the case.

Washroom inside the plane

Fully equipped

Snapping for some memory inside the washroom

The highlight of this A380 is that it has a main deck and an upper deck, connected with this elegantly designed staircase.

A sweet stewardess snapped some photo for me, a special thanks to her ...

Another good thing about this plane is that it has the ability to take off and land smoothly, and has minimum turbulence effect while in the air. I think this could be due to its body size.
A380 at the Changi Airport
A380 + myself at the airport, looking tired with barely 2-3 hours sleep during the 13 hours flight. Will share with you what should be brought along for a long haul flight, in order to have sufficient rest for the brand new day...

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