Eiffel Tower (2 of 3)

You can go up Eiffel Tower either by escalators or by legs-vator

As there were super long queues for escalators, I decided to go up by legs-vator.
The ticket is at Euro 4.50, slightly cheaper than escalators.

The journey began here ...

You are into the soul of the tower if you climbed it up yourself

Get to feel the city from every steps that you conquered

Basically it's a 360 degree experience, the best that you can ever find !

These bolts hold the Tower in one piece, the same engineering concept as applied in Penang ferry.

This is the 1st level

Viewing platform at Level 1.
You can also find a cafeteria and a souvenir shop at this level.

After a 'hectic' climb, I rewarded myself with a sandwich as my lunch.
It's a long hard sandwich which took me quite some time to squeeze into my stomach.

I speed up my digestion with a beer.
Why a beer ? You see, Coke selling at Euro 3 and beer at Euro 3.50, as a rationale Penangite, it's a simple decision for me (:

Some of you might get confused with the substance of this cup vs what you 'donated' during your medical check up processes ... But trust me, this thing above is brewed from barley, not kidney

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