Seafood platter (2)

At first glance, this may look like a Chinese dishes but it's not ... it's a type of appetiser.

These special breads can hardly be found in Malaysia, it tastes really good

Here come the seafood platter ..

On the 1st day in the city, I can just be a platter observer, and finally have a chance to taste it myself on the 3rd day, just can't believe it (:

The platter contains BIG shrimp, tiny shrimp, oyster, mussel, and 'snails'

Take two

Some kind of vinegar and butter

Juicy scallops

Boneless seabass
The whole dinner is simply awesome, with great seafood and great drinks.
You are seeing sunlight in those photoes above.
It's because sun only set around 10.30pm in summer Paris ...

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