New Beer in M'sia

Johann Auerbrau 111
ABV 5%

There are 4 types of labels : red, orange, green, and blue, with the same bottle content.

You can open it without an opener, another masterpiece of German technology :)

To me, 111 is much better than Tiger Crystal in terms of bite and kick. Ladies should like it more than the men. The bottle is a collection item.

Hopf Spezial WeiBe (Special Wheatbeer)
ABV 6%

It's a fruity and malty rich and smooth natural wheat beer. 100% value for money.

Hopf White : ice conditioned wheat beer
ABV 5.5%

I think this beer is brewed using natural ice water which I can feel from the very 1st sip. It's super smooth with a reasonable level of alcohol. Ingredients : Ice water, wheat, top class hops, and yeast.

This is definitely a must try as it's really as smooth as silk with some icy cool bite.

At the end of the day, I can feel this Siberian wolf inside my belly ..

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