Some dishes at Kirishima, Penang

Went to Kirishima, Penang with a friend, and notice that they have changed their menu since my last visit few years back ..
Snap some shots on some of the dishes ordered.
The rolls are quite ok, its wasabi is really impressive. Those actors or actresses who need real tears should always drop by Kirishima, instant impact guaranteed !!

It also serves one of the best gyoza in Penang

I like its Wagyu beef as well, but far too little for me, just few pieces per serving.

Look, this is my star of the evening, the best at Kirishima, can't recall its name (not shown on receipt) but you can find its photo on the menu.

5 thumbs up from me !!!!!

Completed the meal with this signature dessert : the green tea icecream

Without red beans

With red beans

What a nite at this beautiful restaurant, will come again for its ramen very soon, motivated by a few Japanese sitting nearby with their sloup sloup sloup sounds while eating their ramen ...

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