Winning The Game Of Life - Adam Khoo

It's the best book I ever read written by Adam Khoo, Asia's top success coach.

It's the best as it touches soul and opens mind. 

Here are some of the sentences that I like best :

1. "Singapore is a tiny island with no natural resources. So, Lee Kuan Yew and his team decided to study the success blueprint of Switzerland, a first world and wealthy country with no natural resources as well. The Singapore leaders then modeled and replicated the Israeli Army for their defense system, the British for their education and legal system and the Americans and Japanese for their trade and economic success. By literally copying  and improving the success models of these countries, Singapore leap-frogged all her neighboring countries to become a developed country in just 30 years. Singapore has achieved in 30 years what other countries had taken over 100 years to achieve. Again, this was made possible because of Singapore's willingness to use what has worked and make it even better."

2. "People who are at the top of their game know that to get there, and stay there, they have to feed their minds every day. On the other hand, the majority of people only feed their stomachs. They believe that after 16 years of schooling and college, their minds have enough knowledge and intellect to last them for the rest of their lives. What a grave mistake."

3. "Rich and successful people do not have the habit of watching television the moment they come home. Poor and mediocre people tend to have this habit. ....... Successful people get enough mental stimulation and enjoyment from real life that they do not see the need to entertain themselves by starring at a box."

4. " If you want to master a domain of expertise, you have to focus on practicing that skill consistently, every single day. The more hours you commit in practicing that skill, the better you will get. It is when you surpass the 10,000 hour mark, that you will find yourself being able to perform exceptionally well with very little effort."

5. "Warren Buffett literally studied all 27,000 publicly listed companies in alphabetical order, short listing the best stocks to invest in. Did he spend over 10,000 hours perfecting his craft ? You bet ! "


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