Tips / Advices on casino gaming in Malaysia

There is one and only casino in Malaysia which is at Genting Highland. Malaysian goes to Genting Highland for a few reasons : enjoy cool weather and theme park facilities with friends and family, catch a concert by Hong Kong / Taiwan / Korean / Western artists,  catch a magical performance / variety show, attend a MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Conference, Exhibition) event,   or try his/her luck in a casino game.
Those who thought he / she can make a life time fortune from a casino game have a perception that the odd is always in favor of the player. But in reality, it proves to be the opposite. For example, in a particular casino game, if the payout under an actuarial calculation is 50x, the real payout from a casino might be only 20x. If you bet RM20, the winning should be RM1,000, but you only get RM400. A typical gamer would not be satisfied with RM400 and the longer a person stays and plays, the higher the chance to lose all the RM400 plus initial capital.
Strategy for those who has friends / relatives addicted to casino games :
1. Ask them to jot down all the winnings / losing inside a spreadsheet or paper notes, over a period of say 6 months. With this strategy, they can assess their performance and decide whether it’s worthwhile to continue this casino venture. If 6 months is too short, then go for 12 months. The moment a person tracks his/her casino spending over a period of time, he or she will definitely realize or enlightened that the odd is always against them, and the monetary risks is huge cumulatively. So why obsessed with a disadvantaged game ?
2. Always treat casino games as a pure leisure, not a short-cut to gain life time fortune.  Casino winning is not productive as it merely involves transfer of money from one pocket to another. Money that comes with ease, goes with ease. Those who has casino winning experience agrees with this viewpoint, as money tends to be spend away easily.
3. Use excess money to pick up personal skills and with that, a person can earn continuous income in the whole life time.
Apart from monetary risks, there are also health risks associated with 2nd hand smoke. Diseases shortened one’s life and forego future good moment with family members. Medical bills for diseases linked to heart and cancerous cells can easily ballooned to RM100k-RM300k, and there goes life long savings.

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