Ah Keat Seafood

Ah Keat seafood at Bagan, Butterworth (Penang).

Australian Abalone, one piece RM30, one dozen should be less than RM360. To me, the shape of the abalone is explicitly interesting.

Geoduck, RM 118 per kg, suitable for those who wanna prosper everyday.

Alaskan Crab (translated as 'Spider Crab' in Chinese), RM228 per kg, good for those who wanna prosper easily.

Snow Crab, 100g selling at RM23, sounds like yee sang in Cantonese, might be nice for those who wanna have fairer and smoother skin.

High Fin Grouper, RM35 per 100g. Translated as Mouse Spot grouper in Chinese. Its enemy should be non other than the catfish. Tom and Jerry version in the water huhhh ...

This restaurant looks like a mini aquarium ...

but a proper aquarium don't show price tags.

Guess what, the Chief Minister of Penang also attracted by the varieties of seafood at Ah Keat restaurant. No wonder YAB Lim Guan Eng looks quite 'keat'. Maybe Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon should also dine in more often, to be more 'keat' in 5 years time.

Zooming in ...


rukawa said...

read this blog in forwarded email form, went to try with my friend last month. Conclusion: Worst ever dining experience!
1. the place is always FULL with customer from opening to closing. You know why? Because everybody has to wait MINIMUM 30mins from order to dish serving. My encounter, waited 50mins before first dish is served!
2. losing my patient, i went to counter to pay my drinks and plan to split. Cashier refused and the cook looked at me like "WTF"
3. Cook tag-line "we cook what, you eat what, WTF". Story line: my friend ordered "Kam Heong (cantonese) bamboo clamp", but the one served looks wet and no curry at all. I asked the waiter "what is this?". "sweet and sour bamboo clamp!" she replied. Then i asked "What did we order?". "Kam Heong bamboo clamp!" she replied without any hesitation. "Well, our cook may be want to cook all the same (meaning dont want to wash the wok so many times), sooo..." the waiter add on and looking at me as if i need to take it or leave it, WTF! I tell her "I CANNOT ACCEPT THIS!". So, she took it back to the cook. After 5mins, she came back with the same plate of "thing", just re-wok again with some chillies and still wet like "sweet and sour!" WTFFFFFFF!
4. 2 crabs fried with salted egg yolk, 2 steamed mantis prawn, 1 plate of so called "Kam Heong + sweet & sour" bamboo clamp cost us RM130!

Well, if you can wait, dont mind what being served and dont mind pay more, why NOT!

rukawa said...

oh ya, if you want to try seafood, might as well go to Long Xiang (Seafood) Restaurant 龍鄉海鮮, just right across the street opposite Ah Keat Seafood.