Food Stall in Kelantan

This is Kelantan ...

This is bbq chicken (ayam bakar) at a Malay food stall, better taste than Ayamas.

This is called BBQ steak (daging bakar), which shares some similarity with the seuw bak.

This soup is for decorative purposes only, it can't beat the soup from Pelita.

Haa ... this is quite interesting ...
I ordered a limau ais drink, but the waitress stared at me in a puzzled look.

Luckily one of my friends helping me out by rephrase it as "Singa Peng" which comes from Hokkien words - Sui Kam Peng.

And from there onwards, I kept ordering Singa Peng during my stay in Kelante to avoid being STARED by female, again .. (:

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