Chelsea #8 at Penang

I was at a X'mas eve dinner and met a special guy called Frank.

He is from Chelsea Football Club

By the name of Lampard

He brought along a few guys. From the left in dark shirt is his bodyguard. In the middle is his ex-bodyguard . To the far right is his boot man.
Lampard ordered 3 dishes.
1) X'mas Turkey

2) X'mas Cod-Fish

3) X'mas Ribs

Tell u wat ... he finished off these 3 dishes within 30 minutes, just like scoring a sweet hatrick in half an hour.
Only some bare bones left

Feeling half full, he decided to try out local burger at a stall nearby, together with his trusted bodyguard.
Set it out nicely on the dining table ..

and swallow into his appetising stomach, within 3 minutes.

End up with a nice cool German beer and he was in superb mood :)

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