Play Safe

Lately I visited Watson quite often, bought 4 boxes of Durex in the process, 1 Extra Safe plus 3 Play Mix.

I gave out 2 as a X'mas present to a friend who seems to be an "ambassador" to our neighboring country up north. For the 3th box, it acted as my gift exchange media during a X'mas BBQ.

Out of curiosity, I bought the 4th box on Dec 25 to find out myself what the hell are inside this Play Mix.

After some careful examination in an empty room, I realize that it contains one dozen of rubbers : 2 Strawberry, 2 Ribbed, 2 Sensation, 2 Fetherlite, and 4 Durex Play.

Durex Play is in water based. Strawberry is in red. Fetherlite should be in gold color. But I am having difficulty in differentiating between Ribbed and Sensation as there is no single label outside the packets indicating which is which.

Its expiry date is 5 years from now, which is more lasting than our canned food .. no wonder it's called Durex (Durable in Expiring).

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