Crabs and Scallops

I went for a buffet lunch at E&O Hotel, Penang
Managed to take a photo with a very friendly chef, and I imitated his hand sign

Out of all the things, this small platter of small crabs caught my attention

It's this small

about the size of a thumb

It's scallop also tiny

thin and tiny

No where near these scallops that i tried in other place many months ago.
Maybe tropical scallops tend to get hydrated more easily compared to 4 seasons countries.


Jarien said...

wow, even you took a photo with the chef, huh ..

SOP said...

Yaa, it's an honour as he is retiring.

His Char Koay Teow is super good even without pork oil ...

Jarien said...

wooo .. i see
hhm, too bad, din eat his char koay teow ..