Partial photo shots of E&O Hotel buffet lunch

I went to E&O Hotel for its buffet lunch not long ago. It's considered as a signature hotel in Penang. I feel honoured for being able to be there.

Set up nicely

Nicely set up

It's grill station, very tempting when your stomach is ticking

The grilled fish looks good but I missed the chance to taste one, it was snapped up so quick while I was busy taking photos

To my surprise, they also serve dim sum, and some colorful pao, mostly a-cup

At the far end station, sashimi, lobster, mussel are lining up for the patrons

and some stingy scallops as well

Its desserts station

Artistic creation

Out of world innovation

Another masterpiece
To me, the best serving is the Char Koay Teow with zero pork oil, 2 thumbs up to them !!

But if i were to give rating to the overall food quality, i would probably give 6 out of 10, only 4 points if without the Char Koay Teow (:

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