Hot and Spicy Steamboat

Went to a spicy hot steamboat (麻辣火锅) outlet in Chongqing (重庆), China

The pot is huge and the soup smells good

The outlet is called CTM, named after a famous harbour in Chongqing

It tastes really good, I almost wanna fly into the air

You can order dishes from the menu, from meat to vege and some exotic items

You must try out its local beer, and local cigarette if permissible

There are also street performing singers, walking from outlet to outlet, charging RMB 10 per song of your choice

This singer resembles typical Chinese facial outlook, and he can sing certain songs really well, but certainly not Cantonese songs

These 2 kids attracted by his melody

This cutie boy with pinky plummy cheek, not sure whether it's due to the hot work or something else ..

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