A Village in China

Went to a village in China recently and it's an eyes opener ..

It's a beautiful undisturbed country side with plenty of fresh air

These flower plants can produce natural cooking oil, and it adds colors to the surrounding

Awesome plum flowers during 2012 spring season

I have seen fake plum flowers many times in my home country and that was the real encounter, it's a romamce at first sight.

Plum flowers by the unique village houses

Enjoying my photo moment with a simple and friendly villager

Dried vege at the open area and it brings back nostalgic moments with my late grandmother

Village chicken without the impact of Marie France

Feeding themselves with natural nutrients

The farm in the early morning with mystical fog

The scenery made me speechless

Seeing a farmer starting his work in the early hour

I was on my way back to the city, after some amazing hours at this charming village

Will surely return one day, for more photo shots ;)

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